Thursday, November 11, 2010


Judgement is a card of release and transformation. It signifies a stage in our lives where we are awakening. We have processed past experiences and learned from them. We feel liberated and able to let go of a situation or person and this could result in changes of job, moving house or the release of a loved one. There has been great healing and we are able to put the past behind us, no longer are we plagued with old memories and we can find value in what we have learned from all of it. We are ready to tie up loose ends and face new challenges. We have closure and no longer do we allow others to dominate us. There may be choices to be made which we must face maturely and it's a time where by we can trust our inner judgment on many matters. Sometimes I find this card can suggest we look at how we are judging ourselves as well as any judgement we hold about others.

Reversed- we have refusal to let go of past experiences, fear of change and stagnation. We are experiencing doubt and indulging in self criticism. We are refusing to take control of important matters and ignoring our conscience about changes that are needed. In a health reading it can indicate no cure.

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