Thursday, November 11, 2010


Judgement is a card of release and transformation. It signifies a stage in our lives where we are awakening. We have processed past experiences and learned from them. We feel liberated and able to let go of a situation or person and this could result in changes of job, moving house or the release of a loved one. There has been great healing and we are able to put the past behind us, no longer are we plagued with old memories and we can find value in what we have learned from all of it. We are ready to tie up loose ends and face new challenges. We have closure and no longer do we allow others to dominate us. There may be choices to be made which we must face maturely and it's a time where by we can trust our inner judgment on many matters. Sometimes I find this card can suggest we look at how we are judging ourselves as well as any judgement we hold about others.

Reversed- we have refusal to let go of past experiences, fear of change and stagnation. We are experiencing doubt and indulging in self criticism. We are refusing to take control of important matters and ignoring our conscience about changes that are needed. In a health reading it can indicate no cure.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Sun

The Sun card is a card of transformation and rebirth. It comes up to represent a time in our lives where we are emerging as a new person filled with optomism and healthy self expression. We have overcome problems and hurtful experiences of our past and feel ready to come back to ourselves and let our light shine in the world. It's possible that we have gone so far as to transform ourselves and our image entirely by sporting a new look that shows outwardly to others that we are confident and filled with the radiant energy of the sun. We have come through a difficult time perhaps, but now is the time to move forward filled up with enthusiasm for life. Things are finally going our way and we couldn't be happier. We have struggled inwardly and outwardly but what we have learned along the way, has helped us to understand who we truly are and where we are heading as the sun lights our way forward. We have gotten our life back so to speak and finally feel liberated! Achievements and success will be ours for the taking. When this card shows up in a reading for family or romance it denotes a happy marriage. A good card for health also. I have on occasion seen this card come up in a reading to indicate the birth of a child.

Reversed- we see an inability to see our way out of depressive conditions. We are feeling like a failure. Our fears and negative thinking are preventing us from bringing about much needed change. Our thinking is derailing our progress and we are feeling unfulfilled and off track. A marriage or union may be unsuccessful or unhealthy for us.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Moon

The Moon is a card of confusion, dishonesty and illusion and imagination. It can represent dishonesty either from oneself or from others. We may be choosing not to acknowledge deeper feelings and thoughts preferring to live in a world of our own imagination. What we are seeing in situations within and around our lives is an illusion and is not based in deeper truth. We must guard against accepting the illusion as truth. It's time to look into the depths of our souls and shed light onto dark memories and/or anxieties, bringing them out into the light where they can be exposed and released. At first these inner discoveries may cause confusion but once they are brought to the surface where we can face them head on they will no longer hold power over us or affect our life at a subconscious level. It's also possible that someone around us is decieving us purposely and uncovering these hidden facts may be unpleasant and bring on further confusion. So expect the unexpected as it seems some new information is yet to be exposed and it's bound to bring on disruption. So The Moon represents the unforseen and deception, it's also a psychic card telling us to pay attention to any dreams or intuitive feelings we may be having as they might hold important information for us at the time or we may simply developing some latent psychic abilities ourselves. So overall be sure your not kidding yourself about a situation or circumstance, things may not be what they appear to be on the surface. Important decisions may be at hand...DO NOT hurry but proceed with caution and awareness.

Reversed- we see deceptions have been discovered. Confusion and self deception lift,we have taken the journey deep within to where our anxieties and fears hold up,having brought these repressed feelings up to the surface and into our awareness..they will not trip us up moving forward. Any unexpected changes from the upright position are now expected changes requiring little adjustment.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Star

The Star is a very optomistic card. It denotes the pursuit of natural talents and dreams. It tells us that it's time to follow through on that which we have always wanted to do. It's time to pursue that which comes naturally and that we enjoy doing. Perhaps we are a gifted artist or talented singer or have a hobby that show's great creative potential? It could be an number of things however it's time to shine and share those talents and abilities with the world. It's a time when we are filled with confidence in our abilities and talents. Our thinking is of a positive nature and we feel we are on the right track in life. Meditation is suggested by The Star, by opening our chakras and cleansing our aura, we open our ability to trust ourselves and perhaps gain new insights on how to reach our goals as well as bring to out any latent talents we may not have realized which could help us on our journey. The Star card also suggests healing after a difficult time in which we may have been unwell or depressed, it's a hopefuly card where we feel free of old emotional hurts and are able to proceed on toward out aspirations, with confidence and enthusiam. It's a card of feeling blessed from above like as though something or someone has shone down on us and we are being divinely guided in our lives.

Reversed- We see talents wasted, hopes dashed and unfulfilled dreams. We are lacking the self esteem to make our hopes and dreams a reality. We doubt our talents and abilities and perhaps deem them to be invalid. Depression and insecurity incompacitate us and we feel hopeless and un inspired. We must become more aware of our negative thinking and mental attitudes in order to get control in our lives and affect change. A poor self image is blocking our natural talents and abilities from shining through. Perhaps some professional counselling or self help material would be of help.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Tower

The Tower card is about sudden abrupt change that is thrust upon us. It's old forms collapsing around us in order to rebuild something new and better in it's place. It's a bit of a crisis card where in the structure of our foundations has been shattered and things seem to be falling apart for us. The changes are sudden and unexpected, like a bolt from outta the blue we find ourselves in utter shock of what is happening around us.
It brings with it a sense of an awakening. Sometimes a truth is revealed which can result in us wondering how we could have been so wrong or not seen this coming? It's a time of great turmoil as we try to come to terms with some type of a loss,whether is be in the area of relationships,(divorce) loss of a job, failed marriages, bankruptcy, financial failure or even death of a loved one that brings our world tumbling down in utter chaos. We feel fearful, shaken and in disbelief of what's happening around us. The Tower brings great changes however a bad situation will eventually be replaced by a new and better one. The changes are necessary to our spiritual growth so sometimes when we are unable to take the steps that are needed in our lives to progress forward, then life will force the tower upon us and drag us kicking and screaming all the way, so that we can come through what ever it is and come out the other side and be in a much better place both emotionally, physically and spiritually speaking. How we handle the birthing process of the tower card is dependant on our attitudes. It can be painful or it can be easy. It's important to try not to resist the changes that are upon us. We must be patient with ourselves and not buck the process if wish to make the whole thing much easier on ourselves.

Reversed- we still see changes however they may not be as big as the changes we would see in the upright position. The crisis is less severe, managable and expected. We were aware of the situation or circumstances and thus were not caught off guard. Truth brings positive changes and we are ready to meet them head on. We see what needs to be done and we deal with it effectively as best we can.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Devil

Hello people..sorry I havent' been blogging on a regular basis but I have been having computer issues.. Hopefully they are all resolved, so I am back to finish my blog on the major arcana...whoohoo!

Okay, the next card is

The Devil, and The Devil is a card of oppression, fears, and sometimes materialism.
It comes up to indicate times when we are feeling stuck in a role or situation that we feel there is no way out of. It's a feeling of being kept down and or controlled by another person or circumstances, however the chains that the devil binds us with are often not real. We can free ourselves as often times it's been our own selves who have freely given our power away. By entertaining thoughts of despair and feelings of being controlled by external forces we create our own bondage and powerlessness.
When it comes to materialism it can indicate that we are pre occupied with money and only interested in keeping up appearances. It can indicate a marriage or union based on money, and convenience.
The temptation may exist to manipulate people or circumstances for monetary gain.
The Devil is the inner force in man that allows us to fall prey to our fears, addictions and other self defeating impulses or habits.

Reversed-WE see freedom from harmful bonds. We have come to realise what is good for us and perhaps have released ourselves from a relationship that was unhealthy and based on control. One in which we gave up our power to another because we felt such a strong pull to that person. We no longer allow others to keep us down or have control over us.
Fears are released, selfishness is overcome and lessons concerning greed have been learned. We have given up any temptations to manipulate others.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today's card is Temperance.

Temperance calls us to stabilize and adjust. It's time to seek balance and co-operation in a situation or circumstance. We are asked to meet others half way and behave agreeably in order to better handle circumstances. Temperance can also represent the perfect blending of two things that come together at just the right time, i.e. the right person for the job, partners well suited etc. Temperance suggests the need to re evaluate our circumstances and weigh up things. We need to get a balanced perspective on things before we can move forward. Our inner voice is there to gently guide us to our best outcomes if we simply listen. Temperance can represent a trial period in our lives where we are put to the test. Remain patient so that you can act when the timing is right. It's also represents a time in our lives where we are feeling spiritually balanced and grounded. Our mind and emotions are balanced and we can hear the voice of our subconscious.

Reversed- Our mind and emotions are out of balance. We find ourselves in circumstances that are testing our patience and an inability to handle a situation makes matters worse.
We are lacking compromise and perhaps we are over reacting. Again we are advised to step back and gain perspective of the situation. A compromise can bring things back into balance. Sometimes we need to be patient with ourselves as well. When we are out of balance we cannot hear the gentle inner voice that is urging us forward.